Woman Has Weird Thing for Conventionally Attractive Men

In a moment of vulnerability, 29-year-old Melanie Johnson admitted to her group of friends the one weird thing she looks for in a man is conventional physical attractiveness.


“I’m a total weirdo, I know,” says Johnson. “But I just like a guy with a symmetrical face and an athletic build.”


Johnson’s brave confession resulted in a cathartic chain of admissions from her group of friends: her friend Sarah admitted to feeling a certain kind of way for guys who have similar interests to her, while coworker Julia reportedly had a soft spot for men who don’t give off a creepy vibe. Marla Kim even admitted to having a similar fetish to Johnson’s.


“Call me crazy, but I’d pick Channing Tatum over Danny DeVito any day,” Kim says.


Johnson has been pleased with her friends’ responses to her “wacko tastes.” “I thought I was the only one,” Johnson says, “The first time I saw Ryan Gosling, I was like, I’m literally a pervert.”



Johnson reported feeling relief at being able to share her kink with her group of friends, and she has since found a community that shares her affinity for hot guys in most women’s magazines and brunch scenarios.


“I have this fucked up fantasy where I meet this cute stranger, we date for a few years, and then we get married,” Johnson giggles. “And now I feel like there’s a community where I can discuss that.”


She says that she’s finally made peace with herself, and is even open to looking for a guy who fits her specific criteria.


“I’ve dated guys who have missing teeth, scraggly hair, and pot bellies,” says Johnson. “Who would have ever thought it was the clean, traditionally handsome ones I would end up seeking out? Life’s crazy that way.”


Johnson’s main concern now lies in finding a guy who can appreciate her in all her weirdness. Her other interests include snack food and Disney movies.