Get The Perfect Face Shape to Suit Your Hairstyle

Tired of being confined to certain hairstyles due to your face shape? Maybe it’s time you focused on changing your face instead. It’s 2015, and your face shape does not have to define you. Change the structure of your bones so you can rock that pixie cut with this exciting guide to get the perfect face shape.


Part 1. Know the Shape of Your Face, then Change It

The first step is to determine the shape of your face; this will help you to understand what parts of it need to change. This, of course, is not true if your face is heart-shaped. According to experts, heart-shaped faces are perfect and can do no wrong. There are many different ways to find out the shape of your face, including: guessing, accidentally using a permanent marker to draw the outline your face on your bathroom mirror, and asking your mom.


Once you fully understand what’s wrong with your face (i.e. if you’ve found that it’s any shape aside from heart) you can proceed to change it so it can match your new bob.


Part 2. Get The Right Face For Your Hairstyle

For Blunt bangs: Blunt bangs can make a square face look short and wide. They would look much better if you changed your face to be heart-shaped, or oblong. If you have a square face and blunt bangs, the best thing to do is to chisel your jawline, smoothing those angles to make it more oval. Using an eyeliner pencil and a ruler, draw a line from the edge of your cheekbone to the tip of your chin. Use the chisel to remove the excess face that would otherwise be horribly exaggerated by your bangs. Once the bleeding stops and the skin heals, you’ll be able to enjoy your new chic bangs without fear!


For a Pixie cut: Pixie cuts can make a round face look even rounder. They are much more suited to a heart-shaped face (obvi). Luckily, a round face can easily be transformed into a heart shape by sucking your cheeks into your mouth and keeping them wedged between your teeth at all times. Bite down painfully until your cheek skin bursts open, filling your mouth with blood. Keep your jaw closed tightly until the skin heals around your teeth. This adjustment adds contours to your face, which will make it appear less round and allow you to rock your pixie cut with pride.



For a Full Ponytail: If you have an oblong face, a pulled-back pony will exaggerate your forehead. To keep your forehead from dominating the Western world, you can easily create a heart face shape with hair plugs. Hair plugs are quick, nearly painless, and work 50-60% of the time. Using an eyeliner pencil and a protractor, draw a line where you wish your hairline started. Go to your nearest hair plug specialist and ask them to fill in that portion of your forehead with plugs. In 2-6 weeks, you’ll be able to wear a ponytail without worrying about the size of your forehead!


For a Tight Top Knot: The problem that many stylists find with pulled-back styles is that they show your entire face. This makes it incredibly difficult to hide any of your flaws. Additionally, if all of your hair is out of the way, everybody will be able to see that the shape of your face isn’t heart. A great solution is to remove any of the flaws that are revealed with this hairstyle. If that’s too pricey, you can also draw eyes away from your flaws by not leaving your house. You nailed it!


Hairstyles can be hard to match, but fortunately, a few realistic adjustments can give you the perfect look you’ve just been waiting to rock!