Uh Oh! Mom Drops ‘Sexy’ Into the Family Group Chat

The Wallace family enjoys using group chats to send each other selfies, pictures of the family cat, and updates about news from their hometown. But recently, matriarch Diana Wallace decided to shake things up in a terrifying way.


After her daughter Ellie sent a selfie while at the movies, Diana called it “sexy”, sending what was once a safe and wholesome space into a tailspin.


Diana’s son Jordan was appropriately taken aback.


“I know that mom is always trying to keep up with her kids, but this wasn’t the right move,” he said. “I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep tonight.”


Even after 25 years of marriage, husband David Wallace was shocked by his wife’s choice of words.


“I was confused. Does sexy mean something different now?” he said. “I couldn’t believe she was saying this about our little girl. I’m her father.”


Diana, however, has no regrets.


“Maybe I don’t understand slang or youth culture these days.” Diana said. But my children responded so much faster than they ever do to my usual text messages – even though it was mostly with grossed-out emoji faces and the word ‘no,’ it still feels like progress!”



Despite the stressful effects this has had on the family, the Wallace’s seem to be trying to move past the incident. Ellie is hoping that going forward, her mom will just stick to cat pictures.