Mom’s Account of 10-Minute Trip to Grocery Store 30 Minutes Long

In a developing story out of Islip, NY, 52-year-old mom Diane Greenley’s story about her 10-minute trip to the grocery store has become a saga of 30 minutes and counting.


“She literally went to the market on a Tuesday morning to pick up butter and milk,” said Kara Greenley, Diane’s teenage daughter. “It’s never busy then and those two items are in the same section. I don’t know how she’s managing to make this story so long.”


Diane has reportedly gone into great detail about a sale on avocados the store was having, an old friend she ran into while shopping, and the facial piercings her cashier had.


“We didn’t need to know any of these this,” said Diane’s son Quinn Greenley. “I know she has more interesting things to talk about than this one trip to the grocery store. She’s really hogging the airtime at the dinner table.”


“And on tuna casserole night, of all nights!” he added.


Diane shows no signs of stopping.


“You wouldn’t believe how much a half pound of provolone costs at that place,” she said, having spun so far off topic. “It’s an arm and a leg. It’s like they don’t want us to be making sandwiches anymore. And don’t even get me started on them being out of your favorite cereal.”


“Ope, you went and got me started. They were out of Berry Berry Kix!” Diane added.


Regarding the cashier, Diane opined that his piercings must have been “so painful” and she “didn’t see the point – no pun intended!”


The rest of her family, though, understands this is something they must quietly tolerate.



“My mom is chatty, but she also cooks us dinner and I appreciate that,” said Kara. “The least I can do is listen to her ramble on about something that I don’t care about and isn’t interesting in any way.”


“In fact, unless you run into a celebrity or get into a fist fight or something, I don’t think anyone needs to ever talk to anyone for upwards of 30 minutes about a trip to the grocery store,” she added.