Inspiring! This Woman Got Her Boyfriend to Use Words Like ‘We’ and ‘Us’ By Rooting For His Favorite Football Team

When Aimee Buckley felt frustrated by her boyfriend’s lack of commitment to their relationship, she started thinking about why he really only emotionally invests in sports. She soon realized: instead of talking about it, she could just start liking football – specifically her boyfriend’s favorite team!


“It annoyed me that he would never refer to the two of us as ‘us’ but I noticed he would always say it when he talked about the Baltimore Ravens,” said Aimee. “Once I figured that out, I just had to force myself to tolerate watching football and root for the Ravens.”


When Aimee changed her outlook on the matter, the results were inspiring.


“I ended up discovering that, generally, football games are pretty boring,” she recounted. “So it’s pretty easy to just blindly root for the Ravens no matter what.”


“Now when my boyfriend says things like, ‘We had some bad losses this season’ or ‘He’s our best wide receiver,’ I know he’s referring to me and him!” she added. “And I guess also the Ravens.”


Who knew that forcing yourself to like your significant other’s interests can make a relationship closer and healthier!



Aimee’s best friend, Talia Weber, is confused about her newfound interest.


“I don’t get why she’s doing this,” Talia commented. “Her boyfriend hasn’t even noticed she started caring about football. But if she feels better inserting herself into all this, then good for her I guess?”


“I know it seems crazy to view a football team as an extension of yourself, as if you actually have any impact on their performance,” Aimee confessed. “But people do crazy things for love, and I think we can make it work.”


“And by ‘we’, I mean the two of us and the entire Baltimore Ravens,” she added.