Fuckboy Ghost Still Won’t Cross Over For Girlfriend

Sometimes, even the best of us fall for fuckboys and dead woman, Elizabeth Liptson, is no exception. Elizabeth dated her total fuckboy boyfriend, Winston Northwall, for seven months before they both tragically died in a boating accident, where he chose not to follow her into the afterlife.


“I started walking toward the white light when he said, ‘I’m just gonna chill here for a minute. I’ll catch up with you.’ Ugh, that was so like him to do something like that.”


Although fuckboy Winston has been a ghost for nearly 300 years, he’s still having a lot of fun haunting spooky mansions, schools, and hotels and still refuses to cross over for Elizabeth.


“I think we’re both still young and having a lot of fun right now. I actually think we have a pretty good thing going.”


Elizabeth says she maintains hope that her Winston will cross over, but claims she keeps getting mixed signals and isn’t sure if he’s fully committed to spending eternity with her.


“Every time I reach out to ask him what the deal is, he’s like, ‘I’m totally gonna cross over super soon. I just have this thing tonight,’ so I just keep on waiting like an idiot.”



In the years she’s been waiting, Elizabeth has reportedly turned down dates from charmers such as James Dean, Beethoven, and even Alexander Hamilton.


Winston reportedly sees nothing wrong with his ways and has little incentive to change. “I’m just out here having fun and figuring some stuff out.”


Take it from us, Elizabeth, a fuckboy who won’t even cross over for you is definitely not worth your time!