Couple Compromises on Disappointing Baby Name

Couple - Reductress

The tangy sweat of regret hung on the walls of Maryanne Stuber’s hospital room as she nursed her disappointingly named newborn baby: Daniel Clayborn Stuber.


Maryanne and husband Allen claim they were “too quick” in making the most important decision a parent will ever make in their child’s life.


The couple quickly scuttled the first suggestion, “Sam,” after Allen’s praise of the Lord of the Rings character was met with Maryanne’s incredulity.


Maryanne’s number-one pick of “Dorcas,” a family name, was deemed “hideous” by Allen.



After hundreds of names and a period in which Allen was briefly escorted out of the hospital room, the couple was later able to compromise on a name they both found equally disappointing and lacking any significance to either party. Daniel Clayborn Stuber is named after a deceased great-uncle, and a college residence hall where Allen once attended a party.