Friend Surprised Stacey’s Apartment Looks Nothing Like Her Pinterest Boards

After attending one of Stacey Jenkins’ infamous dinner parties, Robin Molta was shocked to find that her colleague’s home looks absolutely nothing like her design-savvy Pinterest boards.


“I’ve been following Stacey on Pinterest for a year, and her boards led me to believe she lived in a cool, modern apartment with lots of natural light and thoughtful vintage touches,” said Ms. Molta, who was disappointed to find out Ms. Jenkins’ apartment was full of “dated fixtures” and “lots of stuff from Bed, Bath and Beyond.”


Ms. Jenkins, who adds up to 20 pins to various boards daily, says she never claimed her collages were representative of her real-life home. “Social media is a reflection of who you want to be, not who you are,” she said self-effacingly over Dunkin’ Donuts coffee at her Ikea kitchen table, which sits under a French art print that says “Paris.” “Plus, I could just never figure out how they put all that stuff together.”



Though Ms. Molta felt deceived upon entering Jenkins’ home, the two women remain friendly and were recently seen waiting in line together at an Au Bon Pain. Ms. Molta agreed it was wrong of her to assume Ms. Jenkins’ place would be Instagram-worthy.


“I definitely learned a lesson,” she admitted via email. “Now that I know I don’t actually have to live up to my pins, I’m pinning like crazy.”