10 Pinterest Boards to Make You Feel Full

You know all of those delicious-looking recipes you save on Pinterest and never look at again? The next time you’re craving food, scroll through those until your brain tricks itself into feeling full. We’re not saying you should totally starve yourself, but a reasonable starvation diet inspired by crafting sites can do wonders for your body. These are some of our favorite boards that do the trick.


Put an Egg on It!

Scrambled, poached or sunny side up? Doesn’t matter, you can have all three if you’re just looking at them! This board is amazing for all things egg. Scroll past the egg-in-a-basket grilled cheeses, the crisp frittatas, and the piping-hot quiches, and pretend like this is what eating is. Check, please!


Mason Jar Queen

Mason jars are adorable, and food served inside them naturally tastes better because of how adorable they are! Check out those cute little stacks in all the different color jars — you’ll almost feel like they’re in your mouth instead of just in your eyeballs!


B is for Bacon

Mmm, bacon. It’s delicious, but so fattening. Luckily, Pinterest has a ton of creative ways for you to digitally digest some: fried, wrapped around other greasy foods, latticed into a decorative dish topper. After a whole bunch of scrolling through this bacon board, you might have to unbutton your pants!



What’s better than imagining you’re snacking on finger food? Imagining that you’re snacking on finger food with a fun title like “App-a-teasers”. The clever wordplay will provide an additional distraction from the fact that holy shit this is not eating and you are still hungry.



~*~fOoD pOrN*~*

Lots of women have a strict “look but don’t touch” policy with carbs, sugar, fat, dairy and gluten, so these over-the-top pictures of decadent foods are a lifesaver for any extreme dieter. This board is a really well curated collection of beautifully shot food that will fill you up, sort of. We suggest the Grilled Lobster Tails with Sriracha Butter or the Creamy Brie Four Cheese Mac and Cheese for optimal eye-gorging.



One of the reasons the photo diet is so popular is because you can eat any food you want, any time you want it. As long as you have wifi, that is. If you want an extravagant red velvet cake at 7:30 AM, you can. If you want to enjoy a mid-morning pot roast, you can. This is between you and your search history!


Adorable Holiday Shit

We love this Pinterest board because it’s so creative. Tiny Santas made from strawberries are surprisingly filling to look at! So are Halloween witch hat cookies made with Hershey Kisses. Ding dong, this bitch is full!


Get Inside Me

No, it’s not pictures of hot, bearded hunks holding kittens — it’s HD helpings of ooey, gooey brownies and fried chicken. Slow down, you monster!


Desserts You’ll Never Actually Make

There are some recipes you know you’ll never make because they’re just too much work. Now you can enjoy them properly, and can even pat yourself on the back for eating a dish so complex.


Martha-Approved Recipes

You don’t think you would ever go out of my way to roast a whole cauliflower in real life, or bake hollow cookies to stuff with small candies. But now, you don’t have to! Eating with your eyeballs: It’s a good thing!


The next time you’re just a little hungry, skip the vending machine and pull up Pinterest. It will change your life!