How To Feel Full On Just Your Birth Control

The worst part about dieting is feeling hungry. Everywhere you look, you see another greasy temptation around the corner. It can be such a challenge to say no! But one snack is mandatory, and that is your birth control. Try out these tips and your pill will keep you full until dinner!


Remove all distractions.

So many of us are distracted while we eat, by television, phones, and our pesky children. Truly focus as you swallow your pill and you will feel full sooner. With just a bit of concentration, you’ll be able to fully appreciate its complex flavors and hormones


Light a food-scented candle.

Lighting up a food-scented candle will add a whole new dimension to your medicinal snack and really make it feel like you are eating actual food and not just contraceptive. Savor the full experience!


Take your pill with three glasses of water.

It’s important to take your pill with water to make sure it gets digested properly. By bumping up your water intake to three glasses, you’ll fill up your belly and also cut down on cravings. Who needs donuts when you’ve got estrogen and progesterone?



Imagine that you’re eating a handful of almonds.

It’s common knowledge that a handful of almonds is enough to satiate anyone. As you take your pill, imagine that you are actually consuming a handful of delicious, high-protein almonds. Almonds are a great high-protein snack, so after imagining eating them, you’ll be stuffed!


Brush your teeth afterward.

To stave off any post-pill cravings, give your teeth a full cleaning. This will get rid of any lingering pill-taste that might tempt you to swallow another. Trust us: One is enough!


Losing weight is hard, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re taking a combination pill or a mini-pill, or even if you’re on the placebo week, these tips will have you feeling full all day long.