Personal Brand Guidelines If Your Name is Kendall And You’re Good With People

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It’s 2016, which means you are nothing without a strong personal brand. Here are a few go-to tips for how to make your individual cultivated quirkiness stand out from the crowd, as long as your name is Kendall and you’re good with people.


Sign All Correspondence with “–K”

Nothing establishes your personal brand more strongly than a definitive signoff. Turn all of your emails, cards, and personal text messages into an opportunity to get your identity out there. The key is not to let anyone forget who they’re hearing from. “Yes, John can’t wait to get those reports back. –K” “I will be attending your wedding. –K” “Where are you I’m sitting at the bar and the guy next to me already bought me two vodka crans and won’t stop talking about the Milwaukee Brewers. – K” They’ll know who it came from, and they’ll know what you’re about, because your name is Kendall and you’re so good with people.


Always Send Birthday Cards With Dogs Wearing Party Hats

Nothing says “that’s Kendall, she’s so good with people” like always sending birthday cards with dogs wearing party hats. Dogs don’t wear party hats! They don’t even know what birthdays are! You know that and you send those cards anyway! That’s just the type of silly, quirky thing that you like to do that makes you you! Birthdays are usually a time for people to demand attention while also reflecting on how relatively little they’ve accomplished in their lives, but by consistently sending people birthday cards with dogs wearing party hats – you’ll also make birthdays about YOUR personal brand. Kendall, who’s good with people!


Refer to All Parents by Their First Names

Remember that time you asked Mikayla how Scott and Debbie were doing and she said you were the first one of her friends to actually refer to her parents by name? NEVER STOP DOING THAT IT’S YOUR THING NOW! Use this power move nny time you’re meeting up with people (which is most of the time – YOU’RE SO GOOD WITH THEM) and make sure to ask about their parents using their first names. People will say ‘Classic Kendall, she’s probably also going to send them a party hat dog birthday card and sign it with just a dash and a K – that’s just who she is.” You’re so good with people, they get you just the way you want to be got!


You Love the Beatles

You do. You love them. Any time there’s a Beatles song playing or mentioned in conversation, you must reiterate that you love the Beatles. Once people start equating your personal brand with the Beatles brand, your recognition will go through the roof. They’ll be talking about you Across the Universe (That’s a Beatles song, which you know because you love them). Wow – your music taste is SO good with people, JUST LIKE YOU, KENDALL!



Your Drink Has Always Been A Dark And Stormy but You Just Learned What’s In It The Other Day

CLASSIC KENDALL! This is so you. Every time you go to a bar, you order a dark and stormy. It’s been your drink since you were 19, but you only JUST learned what was in it. Tell this story every time you order one and before you know it, people will start sharing crazy stories of drinks whose ingredients THEY just learned. Wow, you’re so good with people. Look how expertly your brand cornered the market in the “what’s your drink” space!


Wrap Dresses

You are them and they are you. You are Kendall and you’re good with people.


There you have it! Just follow these guidelines and within no time people will be unable to tell where you end and your carefully curated manifestation of yourself begins!