Outfits That Prove You’re Qualified To Give Spiritual Advice to Old People

If you’re in your early twenties, it can feel strange to give advice to people who are older than you, but that shouldn’t stop you from fulfilling your calling! You’re brimming with spiritual energy and it’s your duty to share it with the world, no matter how much more worldly experience they have than you! With any of these outfits, you can dress to possess spiritual authority over everyone you meet.


Patterned Maxi Romper

The goal here isn’t to look like a free spirit; it’s to look like a spirit who knows more about spirituality than other spirits. And with a funky, billowy romper–you will! When you talk about the soul’s infinite potential, people will believe you. Because life’s a circle! Just like the majority of your clothes.


Boho Tunic+Bike Shorts

Spiritual advisors need to look unshackled from the physical world, and nothing achieves that quite like bike shorts. In this outfit, it’ll seem like you’re constantly on the brink of meditation. When you meet your slightly older friend for brunch and she brings up her relationship, you can stop her right there and remind her to “Stop. Breathe. Let it all go.”



Oversized Linen Suit  

Wearing an oversized linen suit shows a serious spiritual maturity that not too many people who just finished college possess. This whimsical costume will convince others that you’ve transcended fast fashion, and are fully qualified to impart wisdom to the 44-year-old woman you met on tinder whose brother just died.


Too Many Sweaters

Your friend’s 35-year-old sister just can’t get her shit together. She’s always so stressed out when you’re over there. She can’t even find the sad, wordly J.Crew cardigan she left on the chair…but hey, look how many sweaters you are wearing! When you ask her, “What happens if you just pause?” those words will now fully resonate with her.


Jasmine’s Outfit but With No Shoes On

Don’t feel bad–this wouldn’t be the first time someone culturally appropriated an outfit in order to look closer to God. The important thing is that you seem connected to this earth, and bare feet will really help with that. So will a bare abdomen! That way, when your uptight older roommate comes homes, she’ll take one look at you and think: holy land! And then you can suggest she try yoga instead of kickboxing to help ease her worldly pain.


In any of these stunning silhouettes, you’ll look more deeply connected to whatever created this crazy world of ours. Feel free to pick one outfit as a uniform, or mix it up. As you know, black-and-white thinking isn’t good for the soul, or your eclectic wardrobe!