Uh-Oh! Andrea Just Posted Some ‘Middle Of The Night’ Thoughts

In a moment that made her 182 Twitter followers say “uh oh”, Andrea Henry recently posted a tweet thread in which she shared what she likes to call her “middle of the night” thoughts. The post included various nonsensical attempts at jokes, a few incomplete to-do lists and two semi-devastating admissions of her fear of sharks.


A dive into Henry’s Twitter confirms she posted a thread of nine tweets, two of which got one pity like from a distant acquaintance, while the others went unliked. One person with the name Claudia Devine commented, “are you okay”.


“I only saw it happening cause I was up feeding my baby at 2am,” says Devine. “It’s sort of like watching a car crash, there’s nothing you can do about it because it’s all happening so fast.”


One of the tweets in question stated: “spaghetti is crazy if you think about it” and “CANNOT forget: laundry, buy toilet paper, send email to Jon.”


While Henry hasn’t given second thought to her tweets, those who woke up to her bizarre thread have been saying “oh no” all day long.


“She tweeted ‘sharks are so scary don’t look them up,’” says coworker Bennett Hortman. “Not to be rude, but this is not a thought that needs to be said out loud in any way. I’m kind of concerned but mostly just mad that she’d abuse a public forum in this way.”


“It’s not such a good look,” says Bertrand Callow, an acquaintance from college. “I threw her a couple pity likes but you can’t really post ‘pretty ready to get married so I can get divorced #marriage #whatsthepoint’ and expect people to think you’re in a good place.”


When reached for comment, Henry was quick to respond:


“I think I’m going to start tweeting thoughts every night,” she says. “I think I have something pretty cool to contribute to the internet.”


So what if everyone is like “no more, please!” You do you, girl!