How to Spit Out His Cum Like You’re Coughing Into a Bloody Handkerchief

Swallowing cum isn’t for everyone – but whatever is holding you back from swallowing your man’s loads doesn’t mean you’re out of options. Remember, you can always spit it out in a dramatic fashion that, in another time, would signal that you’ve contracted tuberculosis. Take it from us and follow this guide on how you can spit out his cum like you’re a sickly ingenue coughing into a bloody handkerchief.


Spit when he’s not looking.

So, he shot his ropes into your mouth, what’s a girl to do? Spit out his semen when he’s not looking like a courtesan who doesn’t want her clients knowing she’s been afflicted with consumption. If you don’t want him to know his ejaculate isn’t lining your throat, then you need to spit as though you’re secretly coughing blood into a handkerchief behind a big red velvet curtain where no one can hear you wheeze to death. The last thing you need is him noticing and shouting, “Quick! Someone call the doctor!”



Try smelling salts.

Spitting out loads of cum takes a physical toll on the body. Almost as much as the indescribable pain of hocking up fistfuls of blood into a handkerchief moments before your private song and dance number you must perform for the rich Duke who visits you at night. If you want to power through coughing up all of his cum out of your mouth, and keep your wealthy patron happy, then inhale a bump of smelling salts. They’re great for giving you the boost of energy you need to spit out the last of your man’s load and cover up the fact you’ve dyed every handkerchief you own with your blood.


Whisper your last words.

As you lie exhausted and defeated from coughing up his cummies, beckon your man to your side. Don’t strain yourself as you gesture with your trembling fingers for him to come closer. You just spent all night dry heaving a pint of his seed out of your esophagus like you were in the final throes of tuberculosis, every moment could be your last. Let’s face it, no amount of balled-up bloody handkerchiefs you stuff in your pockets can hide that you’re nearing the end. Make him hang onto every word you’re about to utter, and with what’s left of your strength, whisper in his ear, “Can you call me an uber?”


You’re not the first to spit out a guy’s cum, and you certainly won’t be the last. But follow these tips and you’ll be coughing up his semen like a dying call girl puking up her guts into a bloody handkerchief. And that’s the grand and tragic romance of life!