Sex Stuff His Ex Definitely Did That You’re Also Totally Cool With


Discussing needs and wants is a necessary step in keeping what happens in the boudoir safe and steamy. Start the conversation with your partner about what you’re comfortable with, what they’re comfortable with, and most importantly, what their ex was comfortable with, which you’ll then feel obligated to explain that you’re totally comfortable with too. Haha, wow. Okay.


No Cunnilingus

Letting him you know what you him to go down on you is a necessary step in ensuring trust and satisfaction, and also finding out how Kaylee felt about that, even though it’s like, no big deal. Oh, Kaylee honestly wasn’t even into getting eaten out? Haha, okay! I mean, I guess you could just blow him again. To be just like Kaylee. This is cool, right??


Group Sex

Before you know if you’re ready for group sex, you need to ask yourself one simple question, “Did his ex go in for this kind of thing?” Oh, she did? Cool, cool. It’s almost like this ex was the perfect woman who just likes exactly what your boyfriend likes. But whatever, this is totally alright. You live for this. Call up any of your friends that are hotter than Kaylee’s and get ready for a night to remember, I guess.



Anal Sex

Anal sex can be really great or it might just not be your thing. Either way, it was Kaylee’s favorite activity so… Uh, yeah, you too! Like a lot of butt stuff really messes with your IBS, but I mean, whatever! You’re chill! You’re losing in this terrible competition that you didn’t sign up for, but it’s whatever.


Whatever is Trending Right Now

Oh, your guy’s ex was down for literally anything? Wow, good for her! If you’re not immediately ready to pounce on the latest sex stunt he’s seen in a movie or read in a magazine, you’ll come off as “frigid” or “a bummer. Everyone knows men love a woman who’s willing to try new things, which is probably why Kaylee was such a cool girlfriend.


It can be tough trying to fill the void left by your boyfriend’s ex, but when you try to be just like her, you can make him happy—that is, until he leave you to get back together with her. So chill!