Aw! This Teen Didn’t Know What a Computer Room Was  

Generation Z is quickly becoming one of the most socially aware generations yet. But, as 15-year-old Jenna Stortham proves, they don’t know everything: This precocious teenager adorably had no clue what a computer room was!


“I don’t get it, isn’t the computer room just whatever room my MacBook is in at the time?” asked Jenna.


Aw! So cute that she’s never had to experience sharing a single desktop with her entire family!


“Like, when I’m doing homework, the living room is a computer room, and when I’m watching Netflix, my bedroom is a computer room,” Jenna explained. “There’s no, like, special room for a computer.”


“Unless it’s talking about the computer lab at school? They stopped using that in like 2014,” she added.


Those in Jenna’s life who were born before 1996 are beguiled.


“It’s honestly so cute that she has never had to wait for her mom to get off the phone before she could use the internet on her family’s sole computer in the room specifically designated for that computer,” said Jenna’s older cousin Maria Longo. “Isn’t she cunning?”


“It’s so adorable: I just think Jenna’s too young to understand that it wasn’t always the norm for everyone to have their own personal computer,” said Jenna’s step-brother Jason Polk. “Hell, when I was growing up, you could download the internet from an AOL CD you pulled off the front of a box of Berry Berry Kix. I bet she’s never experienced that either.”


“Computer rooms were sacred,” he added.



But Jenna remains adorably confused.


“So wait, you’re saying that there used to be rooms in people’s houses where they kept all their computers?” asked Jenna. “Why didn’t they just bring them with them?”


Ugh, so cute! You almost get it, Jenna!