Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Celebrities

Celebrities - Reductress

There are so many celebrities these days, it can be hard to keep everyone straight – but did you know there are some under-the-radar celebrities out there that you didn’t even know were famous? We’re here to remind you who all the celebrities are – even the ones you don’t really care about.


Wallace Shawn

Where have you seen Wallace Shawn before? He was in The Princess Bride, Gossip Girl, and directed several Off-Broadway plays – which means there’s a chance you’ll bump into him around NYC. Know he’s famous so you can get a picture next time you see him riding the subway.


Jessica Simpson

Over 10 years after Newlyweds first aired, Jessica Simpson is still somewhat famous. Don’t say we didn’t warn you when her upcoming wedding photos hit the far back of your newsstands! You should give her wedding album as much time and respect as you would give any other celebrity – so you can say “I knew her when” after she lands her NEXT reality show.


Alan Cumming

You’ve seen him everywhere, but we bet you had no idea that Alan Cumming is a bona-fide celeb! From television to Broadway, Alan Cumming is an accomplished actor who will still show up at your party if you invite him.


Ryan & Trista

Trista chose Ryan on The Bachelorette over 11 years ago. Despite already being semi-famous reality television stars, they stayed together for ten years and had two kids, just to return to TV for a vow renewal ceremony! That kind of commitment has truly earned them the title of ‘celebrity,’ so you better keep up with their marriage before they’re offered another slot on Dancing with the Stars.


Solange Knowles

After only one leaked security video, the formerly un-famous “Beyoncé’s sister who sings too I guess” has been updated to certified celebrity status. Congratulations, Knowles family! You did it!


All YouTube Celebrities

The freshest, hottest talent is available for free online – the only problem is keeping up with all of these new celebrities. Our suggestion: keep one browser window open to YouTube throughout the day and check in every hour on the hour to see who’s just become famous.



It takes practice, but with a little concentration and some elbow grease, you can know as much about Hollywood as that women from that entertainment show who’s name you should know.