How to Repurpose Your Tampons Now That You Have That Underwear You Can Bleed In

After years of using all those tampons you accidentally ordered in bulk online, times have finally changed. You hardly need those tampons ever since you found underwear you can bleed into, so it’s time to repurpose those old crammers into something more fun and creative. After all, you can bleed in your underwear now! Here’s what you can do with all that extra cotton in your closet:


Make them into puppets with cute little pantiliner hats!

If you have kids, want kids, or just need some unstructured play time in your life, combine your old tampons with all of those pads and pantiliners you’re never going to use again and put on a puppet show! Cut and shape them into different hats and perform a one-act puppet show for all of your friends, who also have underwear they can bleed in! Did we mention you’re never going to need another pad or pantiliner again? Now that’s something to celebrate through the magic of theater!


Fix some leaks for your landlord!

Being able to bleed freely in your underwear isn’t always about you—sometimes you have to help others, too. So why not help your landlord do some basic maintenance with that ol’ box of tampons? Shove a few in a leaky pipe and tell him all about your new THINX panties!


Create an art installation using only tampons.

Okay, so you went a little overboard with that bulk purchase and you really need to empty that tampon storage closet now. Why not create a full-fledged art installation and make meaningful commentary on our patriarchal, period-shaming society? This will help everyone realize how passé tampons are and how awesome it is to be bleeding in your underwear right now.


Use them as earplugs.

You may not think you need large cotton earplugs, but you definitely could put tampons in your ears and see if you like it. You won’t be able to hear a thing, except maybe all the people asking you why you’re using tampons as earplugs. Who cares?! You gotta make some use out of them, and you already have underwear that you can bleed in!!


Turn them into nunchucks!

You’re free now! You’re not a slave to the tampon anymore; just an occasional user. Tie two tampon strings together, grab a hold of one applicator tip, and get to chuckin’! Pull off some low-key ninja moves if anybody tries to step up to you. Chances are you won’t have to use them, but if you did, it’d be SICK. Go ahead and bleed in your underwear while doing cool moves on your stoop! Your neighbors will say, “Oh no, she’s doing that thing again!”


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