Gisele Bundchen Still Doing Well

Doing Well - Reductress

Giselle Bundchen released a statement this morning announcing that she is continuing to do well these days.


“Everything is going just fine,” says the international supermodel, fashion icon, and perfect human specimen. “Life is good.”


Bundchen is still happily married to her husband of five years, Tom Brady, a professional football player for the New England Patriots. The pair was recently spotted at the Met Gala in New York City.



“They were smiling and genuinely looked very much in love,” says one source. “Nothing really scandalous seemed to be happening between them.”


Several reports have surfaced that Bundchen is one of the most generous celebrities in the world. And after taking a closer look, it turns out that she is. Bundchen donates millions of dollars and hours of her time to environmental and social charities, despite the burden of being lauded with adoration everywhere she goes.


Still, she insists, as she makes breast-feeding and motherhood in general look elegant: “I’m just so happy about my life!”