‘Pulling A Courtney’ and Other Ways to Use My Name as a Part of Speech

by Courtney!


Looking for ways to freshen up your vocab with my name? This list will keep you sounding hip, Courtney-quick!


1. Pulling a Courtney (v.)

This is the classic way to say you’ve just done something that everyone perceived as cool, Courtney-style. Did you just find the perfect parking spot? You’re pulling a Court right there.


2. Too Courtney To Handle. (adj.)

When you’re hot, when you’re on a roll, and when you’re crushing it regularly, you are being way too Courtney to handle. Snatched up a vintage Bell sleeve dress that hangs just right? Too Courtney!


3. Courtney with Benefits (n., pl.)

Use this this when you want to talk about how your hotness landed you in a steamy situation with someone who is a trusting, loyal, and compassionate friend (i.e. Courtney). Does your new fling have shiny hair and would probs change your oil if you asked? Courts with Befs!


4. Early to Bed Early to Courtney (n.)

This hotness takes some discipline! Like rising to the early morning sun and the smell of dewdrops on a sweet bed of grass, such is me, Courtney. This mantra will have you channeling your inner Co-Nay!



5. Dot Your I’s and Cross your Courtneys (n., p.l)

Put the finishing touches on something with this phrase, because as crucial as the letter “T” is to the English language, so is the letter “Courtney” (me!).


6. It Is Better To Be Courtney Than Loved (tr. v.)

To be a powerful force and still maintain the respect you deserve is challenging, but not when you’re me – Courtney. Use this to imply the highest regard for someone whom you admire, trust, and would let borrow your sweater or rule a small feudal nation.


7. Courtney Love (n.)

True love. Serve that with a side of Courtney to really let your man know how you feel! Note: THIS IS NOT THE SINGER. WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THE SINGER. She is NOT a true Courtney. AT. ALL.


8. Courtney or Not To Be (v.)

Shakespeare, self-affirmations, shivasana – however you choose to center yourself and your existential well-being, know that when all the onion layers are peeled back, what remains is just your purest core self, your Courtney. To be. Courtney. Deep breaths. Courtneys. You are valid. Courtney valid. Courtney Courtney Courtney Courtney Courtney Courtney Courtney.
With this hot list, your vocabulary will surely be the hottest Courtney since sliced bread!