How to Be Emotionally Available for Your Partner When All of Your Energy Goes to Your Perfect Cat Son

Sometimes relationships need work, but the one you have with your precious angel cat is not one of them. Because of this, you may find that your human partner has emotional needs that are not being met because you spend all of your energy on the other man in your life: your perfect cat son. Here’s how to be emotionally available for your partner even when you have the most perfect little boy:


Pair activities you do with you cat with bonding moments.

Sometimes in the daily bustle, it’s easy to take time out for your partner when you’re so busy with your routine of caring for your cat prince and earning money for your cat prince. In these cases, try pairing activities you do with your cat with moments of connection with your partner. For instance, every time you count and kiss each of cat’s toes, ask your partner a question about their life. Other examples could be planning a date night every time you give your cat son catnip, or texting your partner a compliment every time you spend over 10 minutes staring at your cat. This will help you squeeze some emotional intimacy with a human into your day.



Share non-cat related anecdotes and feelings with your partner.

Even though you spend all your energy ensuring your sweet baby kitty has everything it could ever want in life, you may still have some non-cat related anecdotes and feelings. These are not useless; share them with your partner to come off as emotionally available! Talk to your partner about your career woes and family troubles, since they are human they may actually be able to understand interpersonal situations! Unfortunately, they won’t have the comforting purr or adoring eyes of your perfect boy, Toe Beans, but you can talk to him later.


If all else fails, suggest they get a cat.

If you still find it hard to carve out time and energy to be emotionally available to your partner because so much of it goes to kissing your cat on the head, try suggesting they get a cat. You may find as your partner becomes a pet owner, they will care less about you being emotionally available since they’ll finally have a flawless feline prince to tell all their woes to. It’s a win-win situation!


We hope these tips help you become more emotionally available for your pesky human partner while maintaining the steady flow of love and affection for your cat. Give Toe Beans kisses for us!