An Open Letter to Literally Anyone Who Will Read It

Hey guys. I have something to get off my chest, and I don’t care who knows it.


Like I really don’t care. I’ll take whatever views I can get.


Now, you might be wondering why I decided to write an open letter. The answer is simple: I had a thought about something. Why not a closed letter? Because then only one person—the person it was meant for—would read it. And that’s just not how I do business.


Still reading? Hmmph.



See, this letter wasn’t meant for anyone in particular; it was meant for whomever would take the time to read it. Are you my mom? Fine. A misogynistic stranger? Also fine. As long as you’ll read this open letter I wrote and published on my Tumblr and also made into one of those Facebook statuses that opens in an entirely new tab because it’s so long, YOU are my target demo, so congratulations.


Do you get it now?


I wasn’t always brave enough to share my thoughts with literally everyone who will keep reading something just because it’s there. And I didn’t always have the support I have today. My friends used to say things like, “Chelsea, you know you can talk to me, right? Why would you rather tell random strangers on the internet about your problems than your friends who care about you?”


Needless to say, those friends are no longer in my life.


I have new friends now. Better friends. Tumblr friends. Friends who always want to hear what I have to say, even when it’s very much nothing. Friends who always agree with whatever I’ve decided is best for me, even when it’s very much wrong. If you’re still reading this, then you’re one of those friends now.


Hello, friend. Do you follow me on Snapchat yet? I’m trying to build a following there.



So, sorry, haters! That’s what I think. That’s what’s in my heart, and now it’s out there on the internet for everyone to read, hopefully, please. And if you’ve got a problem with it, that’s fine—as long as you read it with your eyes, I won’t complain.


I can’t demand that you respond, people who have read this open letter, but I hope you at least take a few minutes to think about what I’m trying to say.


And when you find out, tell me. Because I have no idea.