Woman Has Hand Amputated After Excessive Hair Ties Cut Off Arm Circulation

Hospital - Reductress

A local woman’s habit turned to hazard when the hair ties on her arm cut off the blood flow to her left hand, leading to an emergency amputation.


“One of my New Years’ resolutions was to stop losing hair ties, so I was determined to put them on my wrist when I was done using them,” said Chrissie Flashwick, 24. “But after eight months of hair ties slowly squeezing my arm, my hand became necrotic and needed to be excised at the wrist.”



While perturbed she no longer has two functional hands, Flashwick is proud of sticking to her goals, after calculating a savings of $10.34 on hair ties this year alone.


“My friends started calling me ‘Hair Ties Chrissie!’” says Flashwick, “Unfortunately now I’m ‘No-Left-Hand Chrissie’ due to the fact that my left hand was surgically removed.”


While Flashwick has curbed her usage of hair ties, she was recently was seen with several hundred bobby pins attached to her hair and in her mouth.