Friends Use Guise of an ‘Intervention’ To Completely Shit on Brittany

Brittany Chu was stunned when friends attacked her glaring personality flaws under the guise of an “intervention” earlier this week.


Friends of Chu report that her chronic behavior had started to get out of control, and staged an intervention to combat her “addictive narcissism” and downward spirals into “hot goss.”


When Chu asserted that she does not have addictive behaviors, the room released a joint groan, listing what a mess she is in regards to her relationships, outfit choices, and how loudly she chews her food.


“Sure, her drinking is a little out of control sometimes, but in order to address that, she really needs to acknowledge that she has a bad personality problem,” friend Mae Wilson states. “Only then can she embark on the road to recovery.”



“We told her we loved her, and that we just want her to get better,” says almost-best-friend Dana Lee. “Like, if you’re in the middle of texting someone you can’t just disappear for four hours with no explanation.”


The group then began making “I/You Statements” to Brittany, including, “I feel upset when you ‘forget to bring cash’ to restaurants” and “I feel scared when you talk about becoming a commercial actress.”


“It’s a slow process,” Wilson states. “But we’re hoping with time, love, and a regimented program, Brittany will be less of an awful, shitty person.”