‘Theme’ Parties to Get Your Friends to Help You Out With Shit

We’ve all had a “moving party” where we paid friends in pizza and beer to help us. But did you know there are many more ways to get your friends’ help you through themed party offerings? Check out the ideas below to turn your helplessness into a fun group get-together!


Break-Up Party

“I had been really putting off breaking up with my live-in boyfriend, Dan,” Lisa tells us. “So I had a bunch of friends over to get really drunk and made them all say one mean thing about Dan, to his face. Finally, he left and never spoke to me again! I love my friends!”


‘Should I keep the Baby’ Shower

Everyone has baby showers, but few people have parties where their friends can help them talk through the pros and cons of having a child. You can also lighten your emotional burden by making this into a drinking game. Take one shot every time someone mentions your biological clock.


Breast Enhancement Fundraiser

So you racked up a bunch of debt investing in new boobs. Have your friends pledge their talents and gifts to be raffled off to your other friends. “I set up a touching booth at my debt party where my guy friends got to feel up my new rack for five dollars,” says Whitney. “Then I fucked Steve for 200 bucks, which he still owes me.”



House Arrest Party

Can’t leave the house due to your recent white-collar crime? Beg your friends to come over when you can’t leave. This is the perfect excuse to make them provide all the booze. Drunk text your parole officer!



Bored and in need of attention? Ramp up your substance abuse until one of your friends plans an intervention. Have snacks and drinks ready at your house and ask the guests to each recall their favorite sober and drunk memories of their time with you after they finish up their prepared spiels.


Death Bed Party

Tired of sitting by your booooring dying relative while they slowly pass away? Invite friends to their bedside for a “sick” party, where they can play their favorite jams and talk about what they want to do before they die. Make it 90’s themed for an added twist!


The next time you need help with something and an excuse to party, use the ideas above as inspiration!