Woman Won’t Stop Talking About Cancer During Avon Walk

Breast Cancer - Reductress

Close to 3,500 people turned out to hike the 39 miles for Chicago’s Avon Walk this year including Chelsea Siegel, who took the time to remind everyone that her mother recently passed away from breast cancer.


“It was tough. Grueling, even.” Chelsea’s friend Karen said. “Chelsea just kept talking about cancer. It’s not even like she had it or anything. I get it if you’re working on a one-woman show or something, but otherwise let’s talk about The Bachelor or a topic we all have in common, you know?”



When asked why she did the walk, Chelsea went on for several minutes soliloquizing about being thankful every day and appreciating people while they’re still around, which eventually lost the attention of the interviewer.


“Maybe I’m being a bitch,” Karen said. “But listening to someone talk about cancer for two days straight is the worst. I really can’t imagine any experience worse than that.”