Woman on Walk of Shame Feels Judged by Toddler at Dunkin Donuts


Heather Bayne was met with an unpleasant surprise Sunday morning when she found herself being cruelly stared down by a local toddler while stopping for coffee during a 45-minute walk of shame.
“I was standing in line thinking about whether or not I need to buy a Plan B today, when I looked up and there she was just staring at me,” claims Bayne, 24. “Actually, it was more of a glare. It was like…she knew everything I did last night and she was judging me for it.”
At first Bayne tried ignoring the child, but the Sunday morning Dunkin Donuts rush kept the two within inches each other in line for several minutes. According to Bayne, the toddler did not crack a smile or break her judgmental eye contact the entire time.
The incident has left Bayne reeling. “I’m dealing with enough right now, you know? I’m hungover, and I just had a really uncomfortable morning after with a guy whose last name I don’t even know. The last thing I need is some asshole two-year-old judging my life choices.”

A Dunkin Donuts employee who asked that his name be withheld also witnessed the interaction. “The woman was wearing a really bright red dress and her heels were making all kinds of noise on the floor, the kid looked like she was just trying to take it all in.”
Regardless of the toddler’s true motives, Bayne regrets that she was not more assertive during the altercation. “There are just so many things that I wish I had said or done in that moment, like explaining how she can’t possibly relate to being in my situation at her age. But once we locked eyes, I just went numb and let her shame me.”
The toddler’s identity and whereabouts are currently unknown.