Say These Positive Affirmations In The Mirror Every Morning To Eradicate the Demon Trapped In There

Starting the morning with optimistic, happy thoughts can brighten the rest of your day. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep negative thoughts at bay when you wake up every day to a malevolent demon trapped in your mirror. Affirmations are a great way to change your thought patterns and take control of your life before that demon takes control of your soul. Recite these positive affirmations into the mirror to harness your inner strength and also banish the evil spirit that uses your vanity as a portal to your home.


“I am confident, I am worthy of love and I deserve a demon-free mirror.”

It can be easy to lose sight of what an amazing person you are when you’re constantly tormented by an apparition from the netherworld. Remind yourself every day that this is not your fault. You are a strong, self-assured woman who deserves to be treated well and to have a reflective surface that doesn’t stare back at you with glowing red eyes when you walk past it in the night.


“My self worth will not be based on my appearance, or this haunting demon.”

It’s important to remind yourself that the twisted, terrifying monster you see staring back at you in flashes that make you question your sanity every morning isn’t you – its the evil demon haunting your mirror. Remind yourself that you are more than this ungodly spectre taunting you and soon your strong sense of self will send it crawling back to the spirit realm.



“I trust the universe to send me love, joy and freedom, so please universe can you get this evil spirit out of my mirror now please.”

When you’re feeling a bit lost, it helps to have faith that the universe will resolve everything and bring happiness into your life. Unfortunately the universe also banished this evil spirit to your mirror so it’s not perfect. Politely ask the universe to grant you happiness by ridding you of this demonic possession. Ask as nicely as possible, as the universe clearly looked down upon you once before and thought, “This will test her.”


“Not all who wander are lost, but this demon is, and it needs to wander back to the fiery depths of hell.”

It’s okay not to know exactly where you’re going in life and to just relax and enjoy the journey. Following your own path doesn’t mean you’re off-course. But sometimes people, and demonic spirits, do get lost, and you need to help them find their way out of your mirror and back down the tunnel to hell. You can do this by self-actualizing, or my hiring some sort of ancient witch woman to come over to your house and perform a satanic ritual. With your confidence newly affirmed, you get to decide what works for you.


“I reject negative vibes and I reject the evil in my mirror in all it’s forms.”

Positivity is the key to being happy and fulfilled. Negative thought patterns and negative people can intrude on your life, and so can the metaphysical horror radiating from your haunted mirror. Remind yourself that you don’t need negativity in your life any more than you need that unholy ghost messing with your day.


If you repeat these affirmations in the mirror every day you’ll break negative thought patterns, cleanse your soul and eradicate that evil spirit before it gains the power it needs to break free of it’s supernatural cage and wreak havoc in the human world! Go get em, girl!