I Lost 250 Pounds With Positive Affirmations

Back when I was obese, I was never one of those people who believed in positive thinking. I was bogged down by pesky fears and meaningless worries. Are gallstones painful? How long until the blood clot reaches my heart?


I was ready to try anything to get better. Not anything that required movement, and certainly not the TLC reality show I was offered. But when that incessant producer went for a smoke break, I noticed a copy of The Power of Idealistic Ideas in her purse. As soon as I saw it, I said to myself, “I am wise enough to steal this book.”


With so many diets focusing on restriction, I fell in love with the simple idea of always saying “yes”: to people, to ideas, to buffets between meals. And I have resolved to always ask for more!



After some awkward practice in front of my mirror and refrigerator, I began starting every meal with a positive affirmation. I repeated, “I love and trust myself” while cooking thick-cut slices of bacon. I remind myself that, “I make the right choices every time” at Old Country Buffet. “I am 1 in 7 billion – but I’m also 1 in 7 billion!” reminded me not to never, ever take dessert for granted.  “I take pleasure in my own solitude” even helped me get used to being grafted to the couch.


Now that my legs are gone, I’ve lost a solid 250 lbs. And that just makes me more special.