Positive Affirmations to Say With Your Dumb Little Voice

Studies show that repeating positive affirmations to yourself is the most effective way to build self-confidence. Yep ­­– even with that dumb little voice of yours! If you’re looking to boost your self-esteem and believe in yourself, here are some positive affirmations you can repeat with your stupid little voice.


“I am enough.”

Record this affirmation into your phone or tape recorder and play it back. Try to ignore the way your dumb voice sounds.


“I am beautiful.”

Everyone is beautiful, and you deserve to believe it – even if your dumb little voice suggests otherwise. Listen to yourself say this affirmation and try to imagine you are thoroughly beautiful in spite of it.


“I am my own superhero.”

This is a good positive affirmation meant to make you feel like you can do anything – despite the fact that your voice sounds like a frail Victorian-era orphan with black lung.


“I am in charge of how I feel.”

You are the master of yourself – except for your dumb, dumb voice. I mean, damn, can you fake an accent or something to make it different? Or does that tone follow everything you say? Cause it just sounds…very dumb.



“I will not compare myself to others.”

You are cool, smart, strong, beautiful and brave. You don’t need anyone else to boost your confidence and you don’t need the negativity that comparison brings. That being said…your voice is bad and stupid and it makes people want to stab their ears with blunt objects to stop listening to it. Your voice should be used to torture prisoners of war with audible warfare. Seriously, can’t you just like, write these down or something? Nobody is going to take you seriously with a voice like that.


Hell, maybe recording and listening to your own voice was a super bad idea because there’s no way to take yourself seriously with a super horrible voice like yours. Make someone else do it for you!