Amazing! This Black Woman Has Interests Outside of What White People Stereotypically Expect

Plenty of people fit squarely into the boxes that our Eurocentric society has forced them into. But not Akilah Gaines: This inspiring, brave young woman has interests and hobbies outside of what the white people around her expect her to have!


“I like birdwatching and Joanna Newsom,” said Akilah. “I also like basketball and The Pharcyde. I like a lot of things, like most people? It’s not anything special.”


Akilah explained that white people in her life openly laud and praise her for what she sees as fairly run-of-the-mill interests.


“My boss found out I’m an amateur archer, and now she always tells me how unique I am,” said Akilah. “And I was like, oh, you mean unique for a black person. Got it.”


Wow, we’re simply astonished that Akilah being herself around white people garners so much weird and condescending attention!


The white people in Akilah’s life are amazed by how freely she embraces things they think only white people enjoy.


“Akilah is so alternative,” said Harry Sims, a coworker. “She’s into literature, she’s great at crocheting, she even loves vegan food. I’ve never met another black person that’s into stuff like that. And I know, like, at least two other black people.”


“I love that Akilah is so offbeat,” said Mary L’Enfante, a longtime friend. “We’re into a lot of the same things, even though I’m white! I mean, she’s into black people stuff too, but I don’t really pay that any mind.”



“It’s really chill of her to have aspects of her life that I feel comfortable relating to,” Mary added.


For Akilah, it’s all pretty exhausting.


“I’m sick of being told how unique I am for having hobbies that white people with a very cliched understanding of what blackness is ‘supposed to be’ don’t expect me to have,” Akilah added. “It’s pretty obvious that they just haven’t met many black people”.


You’re probably right, Akilah!