Are You Genuinely Happy or Are You Just Thinking About Having Pad Thai Later?

It’s perfectly normal for your attitude and general outlook to ebb and flow. One second you may feel totally content, and then the next you’re down in the dumps. That’s why it’s so important to savor those moments when you feel genuinely happy. But then again, are you truly happy? Or are you just thinking about the fact that you’re going to eat a full order of Pad Thai later? Take this quiz to find out:


Did you accomplish anything today?

A) Yes! I achieved a long-term personal goal that I’ve been working really hard on. I also had a great conversation with my boss and it looks like I might be getting a promotion soon! Things are really looking up for me.

B) It’s noon and I’ve already decided that I’m going to order Pad Thai for dinner.


Is your life more or less exactly how you pictured it when you were a kid?

A) For sure. I wanted to be a nurse, and now I am! Some days are a struggle, but my job is super rewarding and I love my friends and family. On average, I am very happy and content.

B) I think so? I always imagined I’d be a grownup who lived in some sort of apartment and was independent. I definitely make my own choices. Like tonight for example, I’m going to choose to order Pad Thai delivery and then I’m going to eat it alone on my couch.


Is your happiness the result of self-love and respect?

A) One hundred percent. I love myself and therefore I love my flaws.

B) Sort of. I’d say my happiness is less about loving what’s inside of me and more about loving what going to be inside of me later: Pad Thai.


When someone asks, “How are you,” what do you say?

A) I say “great” and I mean it! I’m doing really well right now and I feel better than ever.

B) I immediately scream “I’m having Pad Thai for dinner!!!!” Because it’s true, I’m having Pad Thai tonight and I couldn’t be happier. It’s all I have to look forward to these days since I lost my job and my family doesn’t really talk anymore. Is this happiness? Please help me.




If you answered mostly A’s, congrats! You are happy for real and your innate good vibes are enough to propel you through the bad times. If you answered mostly B’s, we’re sorry to say but you are only happy because you know that you’re just a few hours away from eating the sweet and spicy perfection that is Pad Thai. Otherwise, you’re dead inside. Sorry!