Wow! This Maniac Wears Jeans While She’s Relaxing at Home

Home is the perfect place to forsake society’s dress code, put on sweats and get comfortable. But Carla Patten disagrees: This maniac woman chooses to wear tight, form-fitting jeans whenever she’s relaxing at home.


“Whatever clothes I had on for the day, I just keep them on when I’m hanging at home,” said Carla, an absolute loon. “I don’t really see the issue here?”


Wow, we’re truly amazed that anyone could consider their filthy and uncomfortable sturdy denim pants acceptable clothing to wear around the house!


Carla went on to explain why she doesn’t remove her stiff pants immediately upon arriving home in favor of sweatpants, shorts, or no pants at all.


“To me, there are two kinds of being dressed,” said Carla. “In fact, I don’t even know what the middle ground would be,” she added, seemingly unaware that track pants, leggings, and pajama pants exist.


Friends of Carla are puzzled by her brave yet puzzling sartorial choices.



“I change into leggings the minute I get home,” said friend Rhea Loggins. “I don’t get how anyone could feel relaxed in their own space wearing denim. Carla is fucking insane.”


“I’ve seen her cook and eat a full meal while still wearing a pair of high-waisted mom jeans,” said Eve Chen. “And they were raw denim! I have no idea how she was able to digest comfortably, let alone sit. The girl needs some comfy pants.”


But Carla doesn’t understand the problem.


“I don’t really see the issue in wearing a pair of jeans in the comfort of my own home,” Carla said. “What do people want me to wear, pajamas? That’s so tacky.”


They really aren’t, Carla!