Success! Grandma Radicalized

In inspiring news out of Sacramento, California, resident grandma LeAnn Jenkins was successfully radicalized by her granddaughter, Ashley Jenkins.


Hell yeah, Nana!


Grandma LeAnn announced her transformation on both Nextdoor and Facebook, followed by a series of links to abolishment literature.


Now is the time to finally radicalize the elder population of the Greater Sacramento area!


“It was a long process,” explained Ashley, “First I had to frame everything in terms of her grandchildren, but after some reflection, she now she wants the complete abolishment of the police. She even asked how to start a mutual aid fund.”


Go you, Ashley, for having that difficult conversation with your Grandma and her just RUNNING with it!


“Fuck cops, we need total abolishment of the police, prison, and ICE,” Grandma LeAnn chimed in from the recliner she was knitting in. “I also just learned what ACAB means – clever!”


Hell yeah, Grandma! Fuck the racist establishment!


Grandma LeAnn’s routine has changed since she was successfully radicalized. What used to be a life of knitting and gardening has now turned into protesting and listening to Angela Davis audiobooks as she knits and gardens.


Grandma has also been exerting effort in trying to change Grandpappy Jenkins’ opinions on the issues as well.


“The work is uncomfortable, but if I try to stay neutral in this position, I am complicit and have chosen the side of the oppressor,” she added.


At press time, Grandma LeAnn was seen arguing with some “racist asshats who are shit at bridge” on Facebook.