Brave! This Man Called this Woman ‘Just As Good as Any Man’

You hear a lot about sexism in the news these days, but sometimes men emerge who are truly feminist allies. In a shining example of male ally-ship, Dale Mortimer this week referred to his company’s female CEO, Darna Bautista, as “as good as any man here.”


Bautista outranks all the men at Investa Fleet, many of whom she plans to layoff due to poor performance, and devotion to an outmoded business model. She has generated an additional $3 million annually for the company since her predecessor left, but was nevertheless honored by the comparison that she was “as good as any man.”


“Wow, that’s really sweet of him to say,” says Bautista. “To think I could be as good as a man — any man even – is just… wow! Incredible!”



Mortimer has also honored some of his female colleagues with supportive descriptions like “smarter than she looks” and “a real head on her shoulders – not like other women.”


Unfortunately despite his brave words of support, Mortimer will soon be leaving the company, because according to Bautista, he is not quite “as good as any man.”