How to Take Him Up on His ‘Free Hugs’ Shirt Without Seeming Like a Creep

When a random stranger is wearing a “free hugs” shirt, you obviously want to take him up on his offer. But how can you be sure he is really sincere in his offer and won’t be creeped out by you, a random girl, asking for a hug? It’s hard to imagine a version of this scenario that doesn’t paint YOU as the weirdo who wants to hug randos. You could just walk on by without calling it out, but then you’ll be haunted by what could’ve been. Here’s the best way to ask the “free hugs” dude for a hug without being creepy.


Preemptively Solve the Problem by Wearing Your Own “Free Hugs” Shirt

One of the most foolproof ways to not seem creepy is by wearing a shirt that says, “Hey, I’m open for hugs.” Everyone will know you’re just a loving spirit who definitely isn’t just trying to touch people. Plus, if you run into the guy who is also wearing the “free hugs” shirt, you can gesture back and forth at your respective shirts laughing at the irony until its apparent that you both just HAVE to hug. Now this interaction is totally casual and normal, just as you envisioned. And you’re feeling hugged! You might also find yourself getting hug offers from other strangers, which is just what you, a non-creep, would want. These are totally normal desires!



Wear a Shirt that Says “Looking for Free Hugs”

Obviously the name of the game here is shirts that broadcast hug readiness. Because the main thing to remember is that you first and foremost want to make the “free hugs” dude feel comfortable and useful. If you run into the guy with the “free hugs” shirt while wearing a shirt that perfectly compliments his, the exchange will probably go similarly to the scenario described above except it will be even more flawless. This solution is foolproof.


Just Blurt Out “I WANT ONE” as he Walks By

Honestly, so what if you look like a creep. He started this, right? If you look like a creep, you look like a creep. Do you really want to spend the rest of your days wondering what could have been with a sidewalk embrace between you and this man you’ll probably never see again? His shirt said FREE HUGS! If you want that hug, go for it! Worst case scenario he says, “Ew no. Get away from me creep. This shirt is ironic! I hate hugs!” You may have exposed yourself as a hug-lover, but doesn’t it feel good to just let your hug flag fly? Seize the hug!!


Literally Just Hug Him

This might technically be assault, even with the words on his shirt taken into account, but if you can’t handle rejection, you could just hug him and see what transpires? Hopefully is definitely aware he’s wearing that shirt today because you couldn’t possibly be the only person taking him up on his offer. Who knows – he might love it!


It’s only natural to want to hug strangers, especially if they’re broadcasting their openness to let you – free of charge! So follow these tips and get that hug without looking like some kind of hug-crazed lunatic.


Editors note: do not walk up to a stranger and hug them.