How to Break Up With Him Without Crushing His Spirit or Penis

couple in bathroom

So maybe your relationship just isn’t what you want it to be, and it’s time to break up with your guy. But what if you’re not a mean person? You want out, but you don’t want to hurt him or his penis in the process. It’s a tough tightrope to walk, so how do you do it delicately, without smashing his penis?


Go in with a plan. If you don’t go in with a plan, who knows what you’ll end up saying or doing! You could end up being overly hurtful, both emotionally and physically. He says something that sets you off and suddenly you’re berating him and mashing the shit out of his dick at the same time. Use active communication to prevent any hurtful words or injuries that don’t need to happen..


Speak definitively. Tell him what you want, and be sure not to leave any doors open. But also, don’t close any doors directly on his penis. It leaves too much open for interpretation, and the last thing you want is his penis stuck in a door.



Don’t do more than you need to. Keep it short. Be clear and direct. And if you find yourself going for his penis with a blunt object, pull back and slow down. You probably don’t need to do that.


No texts or e-mail. A text or e-mail breakup is just too callous. Be brave and do it face to face. And at that face-to-face meeting, keep your phone out of the picture. Don’t use it as a weapon to repeatedly bash into his groin area. It’s certainly bad for the phone, and will slow his ability to heal from this breakup.


Don’t be petty. Remember: You’re getting what you want out of this. Don’t try to score points or relive old fights or smash his dick beyond recognition so he can’t ever have sex again. You’re better than that.


Give him space. Maybe you two can be friends eventually, but at first you need to give him some space. Don’t call him, don’t text him, don’t invite him to hang out as friends and knee him right in the cock, again and again and again. It’s not fair to him; he needs time to grieve without worrying about whether his penis will ever function again.
Breaking up with a guy isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be torture. And a big part of making it not torturous is not crushing his penis. Keep that in mind, and with a little luck, breaking up won’t be so hard to do.