Man Who Brought Immeasurable Amounts of Pain To Your Life Wants To Be Friends Again

In a recent development, Jason Bowen, the man who you cut from your life after he mentally and emotionally tortured you for what felt like a lifetime, has made the bold decision to reach out to you in an effort to rebuild some kind of friendship.


“Hey, I know it’s been a while, but I want to make it up to you so we can be friends now,” his audacious text message read.


Jason, knowing this single proposal couldn’t possibly stand alone, followed it up with, “I feel bad for making you so upset, but that was so long ago, are we good now though?”


Despite having shown no remorse for his actively toxic residency in your life or even acknowledging the long-lasting consequences you have suffered as a result of his destruction, Jason feels that time alone has healed your wounds for you, probably. Right?


“It’s like he predicted that I’ve fully moved on,” you thought, correctly. “And he couldn’t allow that to happen without inserting himself back into my life.”



“It’s like he’s trying to clear his conscience or prove something to himself,” you added, also accurately.


But despite long-term proof he is a true piece of shit in a gross-man body, Jason feels that he is a new person now.


“I know I was pretty un-chill to you awhile back,” he texted, the unmitigated gall palpable through your iPhone screen. “But I’ve changed for the better and it’d be so cool for you to automatically take my word on that.”


Fortunately for Jason, he’s able to outweigh no longer feeling guilty for the sake of pretending you’re no longer in pain. He’ll take whatever result of this conversation as proof that he has nothing to feel sorry for anymore!