The Best Sticky Bras To Keep Your Nipples a Secret

Everybody knows that boobs are great, but when it comes to nipples, people are like, “Put those things away—no one is supposed to know about them!” That’s why we have sticky bras: bras that serve literally no purpose other than to cover your nips! Here are the best sticky bras that make your boobs more appealing while creating an air of mystery around your nipples.


Clear Plastic Straps

Here’s a bra that’s great for throwing on under a trendy cutout dress. This bra offers lift and support, but most importantly, it allows you to keep those dirty little secrets under wraps! Getting out of the bra will be a near-impossible feat of twisting and untangling your body and hair from the bra, but it’ll be worth it to make sure your nips remain unseen, even if it is cold in here.



Strapless with a Back

As you know, sticky bras are the ideal choice for dresses with complicated straps and nights when you want your underboob sweat to go wild. Buy this one in assorted colors so you’ll be ready for any dress that threatens to reveal the tips of boobies, which must remain top-secret until the night is over.



With no strap whatsoever, cutlets have almost no practical value except to gently shush people away if their eyes move toward your nipples. “There, there,” the cutlets gently whisper to anyone who is looking at you. “There’s nothing to see here but cleavage!” Adhere these babies directly to your areolas for all-night nipple hiding that could potentially turn into permanent nipple hiding, because how do you get those things off?


Just Tape

According to Kim Kardashian’s snapchat, taping your boobs into a perky position counts as a bra. A distinctly sticky option, duct taping your tatas allows you to be uncomfortable and feel weird all night while remaining red carpet ready. Plus, no one will ever know there are nipples under yonder!


Coordinating the right bra for your body with outfit can be complicated. But finding just the right bra to keep those tiny bumps on the DL can seem nearly impossible. With these bras, you must do it. No one must know.