Beyoncé Alleges Huge Crowd Size In Uterus With Zero Evidence

Beyoncé is having twins! Or so she’d have us believe. In light of the star’s Instagram announcement that she is currently pregnant with multiples, many—namely the Trump administration—are speculating on the veracity of the claims.


Trump press secretary Sean Spicer assured the press today at an emergency briefing that “the amount of babies inside Beyoncé is unknowable.”


Contradictorily, Spicer also assured the press that Beyoncé has “the emptiest uterus in history.”
Spicer’s claims come despite Beyoncé’s camp reporting higher population density in her womb compared to 2012. The camp has solid evidence, including verified photos and testimony from both experts and witnesses.


Yet when asked if he had seen the photo from Beyonce’s Instagram, Spicer explained, “Her stomach just looks bigger because of the veil surrounding her. The empty space in there is from the veil. And we’re not even sure she’s wearing a veil.”


Shown a statement from Beyoncé’s doctor who supported the claims of her pregnancy, Spicer added, “Sometimes we can disagree with the facts.”



Donald Trump has also tweeted about the alleged pregnancy saying, “These Beyoncé babies are all against me. You can’t trust them or their numbers.”


Kellyanne Conway also jumped into the fray, going on Fox News to note that there are “alternative baby counts out there.”


We reached out to a crowd scientist to corroborate Beyonce’s version of her pregnancy, who commented that, “This is not my area of expertise, at all but I think it’s undeniably clear from the photo.”