Aw! This Mom Moved Into A Local Airport Just In Case Her Daughter Ever Needs Her

Upon her daughter’s move to Chicago, Aida Delfino, devoted mother of Sunny Delfino, has decided to move into nearby Dulles International Airport in order to be ready in case her daughter needs her for something.


Our hearts have melted right onto the tarmac!


“I just wanna be able to get to Sunny fast if there’s an emergency,” says Delfino, who is now a mere four traveling hours from her daughter. “Or even if she just needs to figure out how to move a couch or something. She’s not great at that kind of thing.”


“After several calls and last-minute flights checking in to see if she needed anything, it just seemed to save a lot of time for me to just stay right by the airport,” says Aida. “Plus they let me in the Delta Club now.”


Aida, who is popular among workers in Terminal 1, says she enjoys the newfound convenience and ability to drop anything in the small chance that her daughter might come down with a cold or need help after a breakup.


“This is really insane and unnecessary,” says Sunny. “She keeps sending me pictures of her at the airport Jamba Juice and asking if I got that framed poster hung on the wall safely. She doesn’t seem to realize I could just ask a friend.”


“I mean, I wouldn’t mind if she asked,” says her mother. “I’m retired.”