About Reductress

Reductress tells the stories of real women, written by real women, for other real women who like to read about women.
The premier women’s news magazine is the creation of professional blogueurs Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo. Their groundbreaking idea was hatched one day while co-meditating on their life purpose in Sarah’s sparsely decorated SoHo loft. After several hours of silence they asked themselves, “Why isn’t there a web magazine that helps other women become the unique, irreverent individuals they are meant to be, and we already are?” And so, in searching for themselves, they found Reductress. These two powerful women were inspired to create a magazine that honors the great women’s media that came before it: media that empowered women with feminine ideas, feminine emotions, and feminine products.
“We have a very specific idea of the Reductress woman,” says Newell. “She’s smart, sassy, and deep. Just like us.” Pappalardo agrees. “She’s an everyday woman but also incredibly unique. She follows fashion trends, yet forges her own path.”
Pappalardo and Newell have been on the same page since they met while fighting over the last spot in a yoga class several years ago. Their irrepressible love for their gender and themselves has led them to their true calling – to found Reductress.