Cute Holiday Treats To Guarantee You’ll Need New Pants Soon

The best parts about the holidays are family, friends, and socially acceptable binge eating on festive holiday treats. One great, festive way to display your holiday treats without realizing what you’ve done to yourself is to make them bite-sized! Since the holidays are just around the corner, here are the cutest, tiny holiday treats that will guarantee you’ll need new pants by January.


Lil’ Pumpkin Cookies

From October to December, it’s your duty to jam as much pumpkin-flavored sweetness down your gullet! These lil’ pumpkin cookies are adorable bites of frosted holiday that you can eat forever, because they’re small and cute! Little bitty cookies are the perfect way to end every meal or snack on them throughout the day. Keep some by your bedside, just in case! Say hello to holiday cheer, and hello to new pants since you absolutely won’t fit into your old ones now!


Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls

These chocolate peanut butter balls have all the charm of a Christmas ornament and the fat content of a full slice of cake! That won’t stop you from dropping them into your mouth, one by one, until the entire plate is gone. As you’re eating this special holiday treat, you’ll feel your heart swelling with Christmas spirit and your belly swelling against the waistband of your jeans, until you discreetly unbutton your pants, then just take them off, throw them out and buy new ones. You really did it this time!


Snowflake Sugar Cookies

These classic holiday cookies might be tiny, if you just eat enough of them, they’ll give you the sugar fix that you need so bad right now. These are the perfect little treat for satisfying your sweet tooth, asking, “What have I done?” and singlehandedly inspiring a new wardrobe. Holy shit, you can’t even get these pants on over your knees.



Holidays are all about good cheer and blind self-indulgence, so eat as many cute little treats as you can before you inevitably have to shop for some new pants next year!