I LIVED IT: I Said ‘I Hate My Job’ and My Friend Suggested I Look for a New One

I Lived it:

One can never predict when a close friend or trusted confidant will turn around and stab you in the back. It can happen when you least expect it, when you think you can be vulnerable to someone and share your deepest feelings. But when I told my friend I hate my job, I realized my mistake: They just straight up suggested that I “look for a new one”.


I am stunned, I am sick, and I have never been so disrespected in my life.


The day started like any other. I was preparing to leave for work when, as always, I muttered under my breath that I absolutely hate my job, and by association, my life as I am currently living it. I threw in some flourishes about how getting ready for work made me want to throw up in my mouth, and that I would rather take a hammer to the shins than see my boss’ face one more time.


A typical morning! I’ve done it, you’ve done it, it’s the American way.


But then, the unthinkable happened: My friend was like, “Why continue to work a job you hate? Maybe start searching for one you’re passionate about or at least doesn’t actively bring abject misery?” She even recommended a few listings and offered to use her network to help me find a career better suited to my needs.


Where the fuck does she get off?



I was dumbfounded, shocked into silence. Had I missed any red flags? When did my friend become a backstabbing, inconsiderate asshole?


It’s clear we’ve lost the common, human decency to listen to our friends complain about their jobs and then respond, “OMG that sucks,” or, “I can’t believe they made you perform the tasks outlined in your job description?” Since when is it acceptable to offer valid solutions to my problems instead of being like, “They’re so unfair to you”?


Yes, I am being undervalued. Yes, I do not enjoy my place of business. No, I will not be doing anything about it! And I should not have to explain that to my friend or anyone else.


I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no way to salvage our relationship. Sure, we’ve been friends since childhood, but it’s clear that they never really knew me, not if they could do something so cruel. When I expressed as much, they said, “I’m trying to listen and offer you a more fulfilling path.” Can you believe that shit? Talk about avoiding responsibility for one’s actions! I just can’t be around someone like that.


With that, I’m off to work. Can’t believe I just lost a friend in addition to having to work a job that I hate more than anything. But such as life as a kindergarten teacher!