Woman Thrilled to Leave Job She Hates For Job She Will Later Hate More

young woman in office

28-year-old Shannon Francois was ecstatic to give her two weeks’ notice on her job at a marketing firm she has hated working at for a job at a different, bigger marketing firm she will soon hate much more.


“I’m just so sick of getting underpaid for the job I do,” Shannon says about the 20-person marketing and social media agency. “I can’t wait to get a raise, get better insurance, and loathe every waking minute at my job for totally different reasons.”


Soon-to-be-former coworkers are happy for Shannon’s career advancement.


“I know Shannon was sick of working here for awhile,” says designer Shawn Racine. “We always loved going out for lunch drinks and complaining about our boss. It will be cool for us to go out for happy hour instead and listen to her complain about a different boss.”


Shannon is over the moon thinking about how much better the company snacks are going to be, while she is forced to work until 9pm most nights of the week while still feeling like she’s somehow not doing enough to do her job well.


“I can’t wait to be around people who aren’t afraid to listen to bold and risky ideas,” Shannon adds. “I know at this bigger company, I’ll be able to pitch them so that they’ll be rejected in a much more convoluted and hurtful way.”



“We’re so happy Shannon is moving up in her career,” says her soon-to-be-former creative director, Tasha Willis. “Soon she will be able to be challenged in a more competitive environment, which she will soon grow to despise for being a soul-sucking machine that kills your sense of creativity and faith in yourself as a person. And maybe someday she’ll start her own agency, so that other people can do exactly the same for her.”


At press time, Shannon was busy popping a bottle of champagne that she will be too stressed to drink for the next two years.