Woman Likes This Season of ‘The Crown’ Best Because She is Also Better Than Her Husband

princess diana charles and woman

After years of ambivalence toward the long-running drama about the British royal family, Gina Tariq is especially enjoying season 4 of The Crown, because like the late Princess Diana, she is also wildly out of her husband’s league.


“I always thought The Crown was kind of boring – the royal family was always so unrelatable,” says Gina. “But when I heard a podcast about Charles and Diana’s relationship I was like, oh, I can relate to this, hard.”


Gina, whose parents had strong opinions about who she should marry, ended up with a man who comes from a good family but is disliked by most people who meet him, and is just a little bit ugly – and not in an endearing way.


“I have three degrees and run a company, and my husband only has a job because he works for his dad,” Gina added. “So when I saw how much better Diana was than her own husband, I was like, oh my god, it’s so refreshing to see yourself represented onscreen.”



“My wife is better than me, and I absolutely despise her for it,” says Gina’s husband. “So we’re watching The Crown together and really enjoy seeing that play out.”


“It’s true, Gina is a lot better than my son,” says Gina’s mother-in-law. “Our son is a curse upon our family, and his siblings are far worse.”


So far, Gina is loving this season of The Crown, and can’t wait to see how it ends.