How to Shed Those Pesky Winter Existential Thoughts

Winter may have destroyed you spiritually and emotionally, but will winter actually end? Won’t it just return sooner rather than later? Aren’t you just going to keep packing on more pesky cravings for meaning next year, after you briefly shed them? It’s easy to lose your mind searching for meaning, so instead, try these useful tips and purge those last five existential thoughts.


Daily Affirmations

Tired of waking up to look in the mirror to find that spare tire of self-doubt still surrounding your mind? Clear your head by focusing on your face and imagine your life with purpose, or imagine any life with purpose, like a squirrel’s. You can mentally jog your way back to that feeling of happiness and contentment. Envision a you that doesn’t have to constantly question why it’s all like this, who makes healthy choices like not trying to work out the origins of man.


Compare Yourself to Everyone

There is no better tool to ground yourself in reality than looking at another person and comparing them to yourself. Measure yourself based on looks and how much money you make, and then look at other people in your life and meditate on their appearance and salary next to your own. This is a very positive way to find instant meaning and motivate yourself to drop the extra mental weight.



Drink More Water

Ditch the sugary caffeinated beverages that are revving your mind into an overworked state, bloated with the search for meaning. Water flows through your body without adding the impurities and clutter that can weigh down your thoughts on the state of the world, yet you’ll feel fuller drinking it, as if you have a purpose. Water is the beverage of a blank slate.


Watch Your Media Portion Sizes

Sure, everyone wants to know what’s going on in the world, but reading every war story and catching up on every episode of House of Cards can add up. A full plate of worrisome media equals a head full of existential concerns.


Remember, a new season is on the way! Don’t cozy up to the warm blanket of nothingness. Replenish your body and spirit and embrace spring’s arrival. Or don’t! Either way, it doesn’t matter. We’re all going to die.