5 Ways to Remind Your Friends You Have a Law Degree

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You may have a law degree, but it’s not uncommon for people to forget that when they are talking to you. Acquaintances still argue with you about Obamacare and Israel and whether Chinese food is better than pizza as if they’re talking to a layperson who has no idea about the law. Don’t let those nights spent studying torts and $75,000 of student loan debt be in vain! Even if you are technically a “consultant” while in between jobs, here are some easy ways to remind people that you are still a lawyer:



1. Use the phrase, “As an attorney,” whether it’s applicable to the situation or not:


Friend: “Hey, do you want to watch Real Housewives?”


You:As an attorney, I will watch anything that’s not Law and Order. The inaccuracies about the judicial system are impossible to stomach.”


Friend: “I always get froyo after the gym.”


You: “So you’ve never not gotten froyo after going to the gym? As an attorney, I’m just used to questioning the accuracy of any definitive statement.”


2. End every text with the signature: “First Name Last Name, J.D.”


When your contact sees “J.D.” at the end of your full name, they’ll remember you’re the smart, accomplished law degree friend in your friend group.


You: “Hey girlies, who’s down for brunch??? –Margaret Elizabeth Stemmer, J.D.”


3. Wear your law school sweatshirt as much possible.


For your friends with visual memories, who would never have gotten through law school, this is a helpful reminder that you went to law school. They’ll have a visual association of the words “law school” with your face above them.



4. Post articles on social media that have titles like “Things only law school students would understand,” “Things I wish I knew before I started Law School,” or “Are Law School Graduates Better Lovers? (Spoiler Alert: YES!!!).”


Preface them with:

“This JUST kills me!”

“Sooooo true!”

“LOL Lauren Cohen, Are They Talking About Us?! #LawSchoolGrad”  


5. Law School Logo Cellphone Cover


Your identity is your law degree. Make sure you wave it around as much as possible and leave it on tables “accidentally.” Extra bonus if you also use your law school logo as your cell phone wallpaper, so people can see it no matter what direction they are looking from.



You didn’t slave your way through law school for people not to know about it. Make it known with these simple and easy reminders! Case closed!