Types of Bread to Name Your Child After

The food pyramid is a perfect source of inspiration when you’re brainstorming an original name for your baby. Yet too often, prospective parents neglect the breads as a source of inspiration. The purpose of a name isn’t only to get your child’s attention in a large crowd; it determines the attributes that they will inherit as adults. Make your progeny a sturdy staple with these hearty names:



This name gives off a charming, earthy vibe. Like a future, female version of Matthew McConaughey. Your little bundle of joy will be a beast on the ukulele.



Parents-to-be like the name Focaccia because it’s soft and feminine, but still conveys a strong, independent woman who breaks the mold. Focaccias are laidback girls who know their worth.



This name allows a boy to be intense, yet sensitive. Ryes can express their feelings through poetry, but will probably hide them deep inside of their underwear drawer so you won’t find them. Ryes are beloved by old people.


Rye (for a girl)

Girl Ryes are independent and carefree.



The “Bennington” of bread names, Loaf is laid-back and casual. He’ll show up to a family wedding tie-less, with his bare chest showing, and no one will think to question it.




Baguette will excel in all things artistic. This is a great name for a child actress who will one day go by only her first name.



Brioches are free spirits! She will experiment with drugs, but not enough to land her in rehab.



This name is a nice choice because it’s a type of bread, but also a reference to the character Peeta from the popular Hunger Games franchise. Also a great choice for animal lovers who don’t want the political connotations of the name PETA.



Think of the infinite waspy nicknames. Pumpy, Perni and Icky are just a few choices you can use to define your child.


English Muffin

Double names are a huge trend right now. People will immediately assume your English Muffin is well-bred.



She’ll always be your little princess. Just think of how classy her name will look engraved on the Bat Mitzvah invitations!


These are just some of the endless possibilities when choosing a unique, bread-inspired name for your legacy. Don’t rule out the ingredients used to make bread either. Your little Yeast is destined to become an award-winning OBGYN.