Bad Feminist? This Woman Loves Her Husband

The strength of Mariah Rajovic’s feminism was called into question last Saturday when the 34-year-old Seattle resident was caught expressing love for her husband, Jeff Miller.


“I was having lunch with Mariah when she started raving about Jeff,” said Rajovic’s longtime friend Quinn Bart. “How was I supposed to trust something like that?”


“This is a woman who considers herself a dedicated intersectional feminist,” continued Bart. “Yet there she was telling me how grateful she is for Jeff’s emotional support and thoughtfulness. Like, why are you literally obsessed with this white man? Aren’t you a feminist?”


Bart is not Rajovic’s only friend to express doubt over her feminist resolve in light of her marital commitment to her husband.


“I was recently confronted with a harsh reality when Mariah excitedly told me that Jeff had taken up photography,” said Luna Wells. “The rapidity with which she shifted from a misandrist rant to a celebration of male photography made my head spin. There’s nothing feminist about supporting white men, much less photographers.”


Witnesses of the ‘feminist’ and her husband also reported that the couple heterosexually conceived an ostensibly male child who Rajovic and Miller both already love unconditionally, even though the child’s politics remain to be seen.


“The thought of Jeff and that kid having a father-son bond is deeply disturbing to me,” said Wells. “I don’t know how Mariah accepts it.”


Despite her friends’ condemnation, Rajovic is steadfast in her decision to be in love with her husband.


“I don’t see how loving my husband makes me a bad feminist,” said Rajovic. “It doesn’t stop me from engaging in feminist activism and championing feminist ideology. In fact, he’s a feminist too.”



“Besides, now that we have a family, he’s also my co-parent,” continued Rajovic. “Really, he’s not just my ‘husband,’ he’s my partner.”


Sources confirm Rajovic better not start calling Jeff her partner on a regular basis.